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Brandy's Auto Body Services

We offer a wide range of auto body services here at our shop in O‘Fallon, Missouri, and we have a team of experts who have wide experience dealing with motorists from the area. They carry out auto body repair, assembly work, repairs to doors, bumpers and fenders, and we sub-contract out repair and replacement work for windshields. We have an in-house paint booth and we are experienced in collision repair and paintless dent removal work.

If a customer needs a damaged car towed from their house or place of business and taken to our shop then we will do that for you. We also offer a rental car service. General repair and paint jobs at our premises are our most popular services and we also carry out welding, fiberglass repair, collision related mechanical repair work such as suspension replacement, radiators, motor pumps and motor mounts,. However we do not provide mechanical work. 

Auto Body Repair

Our auto body repair work covers assembly work and all the main parts of the vehicle including doors, bumpers and fenders. If you need a windshield repaired or replaced then we sub-contract out that work to a mobile that we use often and that comes here and performs the service for us. All other glass work we can provide onsite.

Vehicle Painting

Our certified painting technicians work from a special in-house paint booth at our premises here in O’Fallon, Missouri. We are experts at paint matching, so if any paintwork in your car is damaged or a panel needs replaced, we can make the colors match to perfection. We do not perform custom paint jobs, only standard work.

Collision Repair

In the event of an accident most vehicles need the frame repaired and often straightened. We can tow the car from a customer’s house and take it to our shop and carry out chassis straightening using a frame rack to straighten the frame to its original state. If the uni-body is bent we will set it up on the frame rack so everything lines up and is straightened.

 Paintless Dent Removal

Our paintless dent removal service involves the removal or repair of dents without damaging the existing paintwork. Among the benefits of the method is that it is cheaper because we don’t have to do any paint work or take off any of the moldings. The end result is always the complete removal of the dents.

 Fiberglass Repair

It is not too common nowadays to get repair work for vehicles where the material used is entirely fiberglass. But it was the case in old vehicles such as Volkswagens and Corvettes. To fix fiberglass we have to use fiberglass matting, along with resin to repair the panels. Often we glue the panels on to provide extra support.  


Vehicle welding is one of the specialist services we have been providing for decades here at our shop in O’Fallon, Missouri. We weld vehicle parts such as the quarter panels, frames, rockers, roofs, infrastructure and uni-body. If we have to glue ion roofs and panels we use bonding glue because it offers more support when reassembling the vehicle.